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  Lenten Revival with Dangi Folk Music Dang - March 2012 030.JPG

India has the richest culture of folk songs and music. Most of them have their own popularity and they are never too old to be redundant. And thus it was more than just pertinent for our churches in Dang, South Gujarat to use them for their spiritual revival in the Lenten season. Seven of the eight pastorates organized a special musical evening (locally called Bhajan Mandali) each day from 16th to 22nd of March 2012. Mr. Kasta Dip visited all the pastorates during the Lent and encouraged the congregations with Word of God.

It began with Vakariya Pastorate which organized the evening at Dumkhal village on 16th March 2012. Nearly 250 people from different villages came to participate in this musical worship which started at 8:00pm and went up to midnight. Then Mahal Pastorate had it organized at Dongiamba village on 17th March 2012. More than 200 people participated in the worship with their songs and music. The songs resounded in the forest till midnight refreshing the souls and minds of people.

Dang - March 2012 106.JPGOn 18th March 2012 more than 200 people of Chikhali Pastorate gathered at Samgahan village and spent time worship God through songs and music. Traditional musical instruments and tunes attracted people in the neighborhood to join the people in worshiping God. Umarpada Pastorate then organized a Bhajan Mandali on 19th March 2012 at Umarpada village which was attended by more than 280 people. As the worshipers gathered near the main road many passersby were also blessed by their singing and music. Young children dancing to a Dangi tune was intriguing because it was not only the words that came out of the mouth but out of the heart.

On 20th March 2012 about 130 people congregated for a musical devotional evening at Gundbahal village of Gundbahal Pastorate. It was followed by Jamunvihir and Mulchond Pastorates that organized the same event on 21st and 22nd of March 2012 respectively.

In all the gatherings the pastors led the worship along with church elders, secretaries, treasurers, and other co-workers such as deacons, evangelists and catechists.